Having the cleanest beaches with golden sand and clear blue water, the Western Region boasts of that serene environment making it one of Ghana’s top peaceful destinations to explore and unwind. This does not displace its rich culture and history which reflect the diversity of building styles of the several forts in the region.


Greater Accra Region

Central Region

Western Region


Day 1


Arrive in Ghana. Meet and assist by The Chariot staff (Tour Guide & Chauffeur). Transfer to hotel. Brief introduction on board. Welcome drink on arrival and orientation shortly after.

Day 2


Your tour of Ghana begins after a hefty breakfast. This full day city tour will take you through the administrative or political route in the Accra Metropolis. Get your cameras ready for those enchanting Kodak moments at the famous Black Star Gate (where VP Kamala Harris of the USA made her historic speech on her 3-day tour to Ghana), Black Star Square also known as the Independence Square (a monumental site for Ghana’s Independence Day Parade).

Continue to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in memory and honor of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (the First President of Ghana) and prominent Pan Africanist. Visit Old Accra for the Jamestown Walking Tour and the Brazil House, one of the very few Afro-Brazilian houses that was not sold off but developed for commercial purposes dated back to 1836. Occupied by the Tabom people formely enslaved people who were originally captured from Yoruba-speaking communities in West Africa who later returned to settle Ghana from Brazil. De Souza, Pereria, Palmares, Nelson, Azumah, Amorin, De Medeiros, Nunoo, Olympio, and Maslieno are some of the names still existing amongst Ghanaians.

Exercise your bargaining skills at the Center for National Culture (popularly known as the Arts Center). Your tour guide will assist you with this process.

Climax your day with a visit to the W.E.B DuBois Center in reverence for the “Father of Pan Africanism”.  The center is where Dr. DuBois spent his last years right here in Ghana.        

Your night tour begins at 6pm when the tour guide and chauffeur will pick you up for your welcome dinner at a chosen restaurant & pub to be communicated to you.

Drop off at your hotel or you can continue to discover Accra by night on your own.

Day 3


After breakfast, check out and depart for the Central Region. Visit the Cape Coast Castle. Originally for the trade of timber and gold but later used in the Atlantic Slave Trade. Encounter the “Door of no Return” which was the last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy a panoramic view through the Denkyira Kingdom to the Kakum National Park after breakfast. It is one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rainforests. The key attraction is the tree canopy walkway that enables you to skywalk over the high tropical forest. It is a 350km long suspended bridge comprised of six tree platforms & seven connecting spans that stand 30metres above the forest ground. You can also choose to go hiking to explore and learn about the flora and fauna.

Transfer, overnight and dinner at your beach resort.

Day 4


Depart for the Western Region today and make a stop by the beautiful fishing town of Elmina, after breakfast. Visit the Elmina Castle formerly known as St. George’s Castle which was the first trading post and the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa. The Elmina Castle receives many visitors each year because of its history as a major trans-Atlantic slave hub and is a preserved UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.                  

Continue to Shama, a town with a fishing village. Visit the Fort San Sebastien, Ghana’s third oldest fortification. Its original purpose was to serve as a deterrent to English sailors interfering in Shama trade. The fort’s administration changed severally. Rehabilitated in 1957, the fort is presently used as a post office and magistrate’s court. It also serves as offices for the Electoral Commission.

We end the day with a brief Takoradi City tour before checking in to your beach resort.

Overnight at your beach resort.

Day 5


After breakfast, depart for Dixcove, another fishing town, quite colourful bestrode by the glistening white Fort Metal Cross. Also known indigenously as “Infuma” meaning “not expecting to find.” Named after one of its Chiefs called Dekyi. Pronunciation of Dekyi’s Cove was quite difficult for the British who eventually simplified it to “Dick’s Cove” and later Dixcove.

The architecture of was built in the form of a cross. Fort Metal Cross was used to trade goods such as gold, ivory, spices and slaves.

Take a trip on the Amanzule River through its estuary along the banks of Bankata exploring river-life activities to Maaha Island or Village with the restaurant located in the middle of the river.

Overnight at your beach resort.

Day 6


It promises to be a fun fulfilling and adventurous day after breakfast. We depart to visit Fort Apollonia located in the town of Beyin.

The name Apollonia was given to the area by a Portuguese explorer who sighted the place on the Feast of Saint Apollonia, 9 February. The Swedes established a trading post at Apollonia as part of the Swedish Gold Coast between 1655-1657. The administration of Fort Apollonia was also transferred several times. The fort was restored between 1962 and 1968 and it is now a museum.

Continue to Nzulezu, a village overlooking the Lake Tadane, and entirely made up of stilts and platforms. Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in the year 2000, Nzulenzu is a major tourist attraction in the area. The village’s name “Nzulezo” is Nzema language meaning “surface of water.”

According to local legend, the village was built by a group of people from Oualata, a city of the ancient Ghana Empire and in present-day Mauritania, which came about from following a snail.

According to local traditions, Thursday, is a day sacred to the Lake Tadane, and it is forbidden to use and work on the lake for any activity throughout the day of Thursday.

Journey on to the Ankasa Resource Reserve. En route, visit the Meander Crocodile Pond a sacred pond which is inhabited by West African crocodiles. Due to the friendliness of the reptiles, it has become popular among visitors and the pond is now reliant on tourism to ensure the population of crocodiles remain fed and healthy.

Visit the Ankasa Conservation Area which is near the border with Côte d’ivoire

The Ankasa Conservation Area is a tropical evergreen rainforest near the border with Côte d’ivoire. The Ankasa, Nini, and Suhien Rivers all pass through the park and are known for their rapids and waterfalls. The forest has the most biological diversity of any in Ghana, with over 300 different plant species having been recorded in a single hectare of forest. Animal life includes the elephant bongo, chimpanzee, Diana monkey, and 263 species of birds.

Transfer and overnight at your beach resort.

Day 7


After late breakfast, check out of your beach resort in Atuabo and depart for Elmina. Today, we spend majority of the day journeying back to Elmina.

Enjoy the rest of your day at leisure. Relax in the evening chitchatting about the day’s experience over some Seafood dinner and great music (Live Band – on weekends).

Overnight at your beach resort.

Day 8


On this walking tour, we will be exploring Ghana’s foremost historical community. The captivating town of Elmina being a fishing port encases a salt mining village. The locals will engage you to reveal how salt production is executed.

Continue to Fort St Jago on a nearby hill to the Elmina Castle. Considered the oldest and purely military architecture of the Gold Coast, its primary purpose was in defense and protection of St. George’s Castle. Make sure to enjoy the view from the hilltop providing a magnificent view of Elmina and Elmina Castle.

Transfer and overnight at your beach resort.

Day 9


Check out and depart for Accra after breakfast. Upon arrival in Accra, check into your hotel and spend the rest of your day at leisure. Your guide and driver will pick you up for your night out. Enjoy some food and drinks at a pub or lounge or live band music and some grills at an open-air restaurant.

Overnight at your hotel.

Day 10


After a hearty breakfast, enjoy your day at leisure while relaxing for your spa session (on your own account) or your guide and driver will be available for your last-minute shopping plans.

You will be transferred to the airport on time for your onward flight.

Bye! Nante Yie (Safe Journey!)



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