The African Performing Arts is an interesting and vibrant one which merges with the tourism world beautifully revealing fantastic outcomes, memories lasting a lifetime and a sense of eagerness to learn.

The Chariot brings to you the Traditional Ghanaian rhythm, the African vibe, the trending Afro Music fascination, the energetic fusion of indigenous and modern Dance appeal leaving a strikingly explosive imagination right before your eyes.

Dance Class, African Recording Studio Live Experience, Cultural Troupe Immersion, Live Radio and Television Experience is definitely a possibility to anticipate with glee.

Traditional Ghanaian theatre performances usually combine singing, acting, music and dance, spoken word, dialogue, narration or recitation. Indulge in these cultural immersions through traditional Ghanaian lessons.

You will learn all the trending moves both traditional and modern through the energetic champions in an enthusiastic dance class. You will not return home the same but with a sparkle in even your waltz.

Having up-skilled a good number of creative enthusiasts, you can also discover the real identity as Afro Music and Dance have taken over the world. All of these unique immersions include;

Traditional Ghanaian


Afro Music


Discover your true potential and versatility here!

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