Tailor-Made Experiences

At The Chariot, we are passionate about what we do and we love to explore. We think the most memorable experiences are the most personal and want to ensure that you get exactly what you want and at the right price.

Although we do put out special offers and pre-packaged trips many of our clients prefer to work with one of our travel specialists or advisors to create a trip perfect for them.

Our experienced team is on hand to help you make sure that your tailor-made experience at The Chariot is one you’ll always remember. Even if you are not sure where you will like to go we can make suggestions that will fit the kind of holiday you are looking for and within your budget.

Tailor-made doesn’t mean spending more money it means spending the right money in the right places. Let us make yours one that will never be forgotten with seasoned tour guides who you can trust to engage, encourage and enlighten.

The Chariot provides an array of enriching experiences. Let us in on your special interests. Your options are only limited by the imagination be it on;


Ready to adventure and enjoy natural

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